Segmental Colitis (SCAD)

Segmental colitis (SCAD, segmental colitis associated with diverticula) is an inflammation of the colon surrounding, but not including, the diverticula. The inflammation is confined to the colon and does not include the rectum, this differentiates SCAD from ulcerative colitis, where inflammation extends into the rectum. The causes of SCAD is unclear, but it is found more frequently in men over the age of 60.


  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Cramping type abdominal pain, particularly in the lower left portion of the abdomen
  • Blood in the stool


Initial treatment for SCAD is oral antibiotics. For patients who don’t respond to the antibiotics, other oral medications can be added. The majority of patients respond well to medications.

Occasionally, a relapse is possible and the same treatment will need to be repeated. For a small percentage of patients, long term medications are needed to keep the inflammation under control. Complications can occur that may require surgery to treat obstructions or chronic bleeding.

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