GI Cancer Syndromes

A cancer syndrome or genetic mutation is an inherited genetic disorder, giving you a higher likelihood of developing GI cancer and the potential for early onset of these cancers. These hereditary cancers can include Barrett's esophagus, hereditary diffuse gastric cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, Lynch syndrome, small bowel cancer, and familial pancreatic cancer.


  • A family history of any GI cancer that occurs at a young age
  • A family history of other GI related cancers, including stomach cancer, small intestine cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, and others.


It’s very important that you know your family history and pay close attention to changes in your digestion. Report to your doctor if you see a trend or a repetitive diagnosis. If you’re concerned about your family history of GI cancer, you may consider DNA testing to determine your cancer risk.

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