A Fibroscan is a test used to diagnose liver disease. It’s a form of medical imaging that maps the elastic and stiffness properties of soft tissue. The stiffness of the liver tissue provides diagnostic information about the presence or status of disease.

The procedure is performed quickly and easily. You will be asked to lie on your back with your right arm raised behind your head. An ultrasound probe emits a mechanical pulse at the surface of the skin, measuring the condition of the liver through sound waves. The data is then analysed by a computer which displays a two-dimensional picture of the liver. The presence or level of disease or fibrosis can be measured in relation to the stiffness of the liver – so the harder the liver is, the more serious the fibrosis is likely to be.

The procedure normally takes about fifteen minutes and you will be able to go home immediately when finished. There is no need for an anaesthetic and there are no side-effects.

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